ITUS Mobile User

Mobile User

The ITUS Mobile User application for citizens and the general public, available on the Google Play app store, informs mobile users about weather alerts and directs them to the closest shelters. In case of hazardous conditions, mobile user can notify the local emergency center with a distress signal that includes time, location and user phone number. ITUS provides also real time weather maps at location and street maps to facilitate escape routes or danger zone avoidance actions.

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ITUS Mobile User Features:

Screen shots

device-2013-11-01-095131 device-2013-11-01-095152 device-2013-07-30-121440
 device-2013-07-30-121512  device-2013-07-30-121542  device-2013-07-30-121605
 device-2013-07-30-121651  device-2013-11-01-095336  device-2013-11-01-101306
 device-2013-11-01-101343  device-2013-11-01-095758  device-2013-11-01-101914